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The Orange Blossom Perfume, a Mediterranean dream

Orange blossom is the white flower of the bigaradier tree, also called "bitter orange tree" or "Seville orange tree". An orange blossom fragrance calls for reverie, sweetness, comfort and, above all, sunshine. Goutal traces the history of this scent, an olfactory journey between Provence and the Middle East. 


Origins of the orange blossom

The orange tree is a shrub native to Southeast Asia. In the 9th century, at the time of the Arab conquests, it appeared in the Mediterranean basin. Immediately, the orange flower is appreciated for its medicinal virtues and its floral perfume which sublimates the salty and sweet recipes.

Today, orange blossom is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Orange blossom absolute, meanwhile, works wonders in women's perfumes and more generally in floral fragrances.

The cultivation of orange blossom

The manufacture of an orange blossom eau de parfum begins with the planting of young bitter orange trees. It takes about 15 years for these trees to reach full maturity. The orange trees are pruned every other year, so as not to jeopardize the flowering. Resistant to diseases and parasites, they require little maintenance, giving them an exceptional longevity, up to 90 years.

From March, the harvest of these fragrant white flowers can begin. They weigh between 0.25 and 0.80 grams, depending on their stage of maturity. A young bigaradier can produce up to 3 kilos of flowers per season. The ones that present the most balanced olfactory profile are the flowers collected in the middle of the harvest. The first ones reveal more intense terpene top notes, while the last ones have a more pronounced geraniol character in the background.


From orange blossom extract to perfume

The orange tree plays a key role in the composition of orange blossom perfumes. First, the essential oil of petitgrain bigarade is produced from the leaves of the fruit tree. As for neroli, it is obtained by distilling the small flowers of the bitter orange tree. Finally, the orange blossom absolute is obtained by the direct cold extraction of the flowers of the bigarade tree. The scent that emanates is appreciated for its floral, powdery and sweet side.

Orange blossom based perfumes: what are the specificities?

The evocation of the name "orange blossom" is a real invitation to childhood. Everyone has memories of pancakes or delicately scented pastries, such as gazelle horns, brioches, galettes or financiers. For others, it is the perfumes worn by their mother or grandmother that bring back unforgettable olfactory memories. In perfumery, orange blossom eaux de toilette evoke this same feeling of sweetness and comfort.


Goutal fragrances with orange blossom

At Goutal, the eau de toilette Le Temps des Rêves is an orange blossom-based perfume that will transport you to distant memories. A reverie composed of Neroli, bergamot and myrtle in top notes, as well as orange blossom absolute in middle notes.


It is recommended to spray 30 cm from the skin, for a light sillage. For a more intense length, 5 cm will suffice. This fragrance for women with orange blossom evokes a summer journey in gardens surrounded by bigaradier. A return to the origins for Annick Goutal, who learned her trade in the world capital of perfume, Grasse.

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