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Which fragrance to choose for summer?

Are you looking for the ideal fragrance to accompany the summer season? Discover our tips and iconic creations for a successful summer fragrance.

1°) Alcohol-free fragrances

Parfums sans Alcool - Goutal

Most perfumes consist of a blend of fragrance ingredients, diluted in alcohol. But there are also alcohol-free fragrances, which have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Formulated in an emulsion of water and oil, these fragrances evaporate more slowly: this gives them longer wear on the skin, as well as delicate scents that bring out the subtlest nuances of natural ingredients. This specific formulation also gives them nourishing properties that make them versatile: for example, they can be sprayed into the hair. Last but not least, the absence of alcohol means they can also be used to scent even the most sensitive skin, such as children's.
At Goutal, we've adapted some of our iconic Petite Chérie, l'Île au Thé and Rose Pompon creations into Alcohol-Free Fragrances, offering a delicate perfuming gesture inspired by the benefits of water. For use all year round by the whole family, from age 3.

2°) Citrus scents

Hespéridés - Goutal

As temperatures rise, we turn more readily to fresh, light fragrances: if amber is the star of winter, hesperidia is the must-have of summer. Characterized by their citrus notes, the latter offer sparkling, euphoric scents that are full-bodied yet never heady.
At Goutal, citrus has always been a source of inspiration, and has inspired some of
our most iconic creations...

Eau d'Hadrien - Goutal

Eau d'Hadrien

The House's first fragrance, Eau d’Hadrien was composed by Annick Goutal in 1981. Inspired by her reading of Marguerite Yourcenar's Mémoires d'Hadrien, a summer in Italy, she imagined this fragrance depicting the sunny landscapes of Tuscany. A cocktail of bright, sparkling citrus meets the woody elegance of cypress. Timeless, timeless elegance.


Ninfeo Mio - Goutal

Ninfeo Mio

This creation, inspired by the Garden of the Hesperides, blends the juicy brightness of citrus fruits with notes evocative of a sunny Mediterranean: citron, lemon and orange bigarade illuminate a heart of fig with green nuances.
Eau de Monsieur - Goutal

Eau de Monsieur

Between the lightness of bergamot and the sweetness of mandarin, citrus fruits offer a fresh, radiant start to this impeccably elegant woody-aromatic fragrance. The scent of a man with discreet, natural charm.

3°) Floral fragrances

What would the season be without flowers? Emblems of nature's beauty and diversity, flowers have always fascinated perfumers. Their scents are highly complex: that of the rose, for example, is the result of 300 different odorant molecules. This incredible richness makes them an inexhaustible theme, which Goutal has passionately explored since its origins in compositions that give pride of place to natural ingredients.

Le Temps des Rêves - Goutal

Le Temps des rêves

A tribute to the comforting scent of orange blossom, this eau de toilette pays homage to the Grasse region, where Annick Goutal learned her trade and turned her dream into reality. A tender, luminous fragrance, like a wish granted.


Songes - Goutal


The sun-kissed fragrance of frangipani flowers, used to infuse monoi, captivated Camille Goutal during a trip to Mauritius. A blend of white flowers, spices and vanilla, this fragrance immortalizes their intoxicating scent and crystallizes the magic of a memory.


Le Chèvrefeuille - Goutal

Le Chèvrefeuille

An ode to the carefree spirit of childhood, this universal trail captures the delicate scent of honeysuckle: the green freshness of lemon petitgrain, softened by jasmine, combines with wild narcissus. The lightness of summer, in a bottle.


Whatever the season or occasion, the choice of fragrance is a very personal one: above all, trust your moods and tastes to determine which one suits you best. And don't hesitate to test several before deciding. You can explore our collection  to discover a wide variety of scents... and a vast palette of fragrant emotions.

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