Goutal heritage

Author of Perfumes since 1981
An exceptional woman between music and fragrance

An exceptional woman between music and fragrance

Once upon a time, there was Annick Goutal, a woman of intuition and emotion, a visionary who took hold of her dreams and followed them through. She was a gifted child with a career as a pianist all mapped out, but she quickly rebelled against the path that was set for her to become a model. Her curiosity about fragrance then took her to Grasse, where she met a man who would change her life and instill in her a new passion: in 1979, she became a perfume creator.

From the very start of her career, everything she touched became a success, like the now-iconic Eau d’Hadrien, her first fragrance composed in 1981. The perfumer's organ was her new instrument, with olfactory notes in lieu of notes of music. Her sensoriality, generosity and gift for composition were the talents that marked her unique and outstanding fragrances.

Our fragrances are a blend of poetry, luxuriant nature and everlasting culture.

Each creation is an exclusive tale, a unique experience.

A visionary creator, pioneer of Niche Perfumery

In 1981, the first shop opened on Rue de Bellechasse, a little haven on the Left Bank steeped in a certain Parisian charm—a happy intuition since it was the stomping grounds of intellectuals and journalists who then became the creator's first devotees.

Running counter to the trends of the time that extolled heady scents, the very personal and avant-garde fragrances of the House quickly won over a clientele of connoisseurs and artists. Extraordinary figures who were not afraid to live their dreams and loved the power of beautiful stories. Culling rare olfactory combinations from nature, Annick Goutal created a style all of her own that reflected her personality, delicate and radiant, fresh and full of character.

A visionary creator, pioneer of Niche Perfumery

Poetry, nature and culture at the heart
of its creations

Goutal conte des parfums…

The fragrance creations by the Maison Goutal are inspired by a clever blend of poetry and nature, botanicals and culture, harnessing their storytelling power to embody the vocation of "Conteur de Parfum". Eau d’Hadrien remains the perfect example, the flagship fragrance of the House that tells the story of the famous Tuscan hills and the tribulations of the namesake emperor, described by Marguerite Yourcenar in Memoirs of Hadrian.

The name of each Goutal fragrance sounds like the title of a novel, painting pictures that spark the imagination. Each fragrance tells a story that can be experienced on the skin and by the senses.

A responsible brand. When nature becomes poetry

In an effort to offer the most authentic ingredients and the most environmentally friendly products, the Maison Goutal strives to adhere to green principles at every stage in the development process.

Going against popular marketing opinion, the fragrances are not coloured and the bottles have been refillable from the very beginning, while packaging is designed to use as little paper as possible. Ethics and awareness that Goutal places at the very heart of its creation.

Luxury is in each detail Annick Goutal

A story of transmission

From her childhood and upbringing, Annick Goutal developed an innate love of exquisite detail and ornament. A generous luxury, the essence of French elegance and refinement. This olfactory art calls for luxurious craftsmanship: the soft folds of a godron bottle, the gentle meanderings of the botanical illustrations. The creator has always placed generosity, hospitality and the pleasure of giving at the heart of her work, drawing upon exceptional skills, pride in excellence and a passion for the finest ingredients.

These core values are passed on and shared today, for the Maison Goutal is committed to maintaining the family and emotional ties it has forged with its clientele. In 1998, Petite Chérie was created in homage to the creator's daughter, Camille Goutal. Today Camille, as Creative Director, works on the composition of each fragrance in harmony with Isabelle Doyen, a loyal perfumer of the brand from the start.

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